Quality Policy

Damak Gıda

Damak Food

Our Polıcy

For our consumers, customers and employees; our policy on quality, food safety, customer satisfaction and occupational health and safety;

  • To be reliable and in demand brand in bakery products industry 
  • To follow market, consumer and sectoral developments closely 
  • Increasing market share in order to reach more consumers 
  • Providing maximum levels of consumers satisfaction by doing continuous quality developments 
  • To provide possibilities for our consumers to reachs us whenever they want 
  • To increase our workers performance by providing their motivations and job satisfactions 
  • Providing the integrated management systems works efficiently and giving this awareness to the workers 
  • Always targeting more perfection and adopt continuous improvements and developments as corporation culture 
  • Encourage the performance and idea development approaches and providing necessary support to the educations 
  • To offer products that are preferable, can be consumed safely and quickly and sold easily with maximum sensitivity to consumer satisfaction and legal regulations 
  • To act carefuly at every stage of production with the awareness of “quality first” and to produce every product by thinking of people first 
  • To ensure production by adhering to the legal regulations in the field of bakery products 
  • To provide our customers’ suggestions regarding product safety are taken into account 
  • To make hygienic, safe and high quality production in accordance with national and international standards, legal regulations, the conditions of the organizations we are a member of and customer requests in all our activities 
  • To take measures to minimize the effects that will harm human health and the environment, to evaluate the risks that may cause occupational diseases, health deteriorations and accidents, to improve working conditions 
  • Protecting the health, safety and environment of employees with the principle of “No job can be so urgent and important as to endanger the environment and human health” 
  • To meet the training needs of our employees, to contribute to their personal development, to increase employee satisfaction and awareness of quality, health, safety and environment 
  • Ensuring customer-oriented work and resolving the complaints of our customers in accordance with legal requirements in a way that ensures the satisfaction of our customers 
  • Ensuring that all incoming complaints are used to improve the management system 
  • To ensure that we do not impose financial obligations on our customers for the resolution of complaints 
  • To resolve the wishes and suggestions of our customers in accordance with legal and other conditions to ensure their satisfaction, to work in a clean and hygienic manner and to ensure the protection of public health 
  • Ensuring the continuation of the work with the participation of our employees